Wyck Luxury Candles

Wyck is a family owned and operated business based in the Blue Mountains of Australia.

At Wyck, our philosophy is that it takes time and the best ingredients to create true quality. You won’t find any production lines or automated machines in our studio – we individually hand pour, scent and package every candle.
We are dedicated to making sure that our candles are good for you and good for the environment. The natural plant waxes that we use are:

  • Free from chemicals and additives, allowing our candles to burn cleanly with minimal smoke and soot.
  • Sourced from sustainable plantations, ensuring no habitat loss for endangered species.

Our main aim is to make candles that not only look and smell amazing, but will burn perfectly every time they are lit.

By maintaining very specific temperatures when pouring our candles, beautiful crystalline patterns form in the wax as they cool. Then when the candles are burnt, a thin feathery shell will remain which illuminates to create a lantern effect.

We use premium quality fragrant and essential oils in maximum concentrations to scent our candles. This means that they will retain their perfume for many months – and even years – with an excellent scent throw when burning. Because we blend our own scents, you will find that many of these combinations are totally unique and we are always adding new scents to our collection.

We know that when you buy your first candle from us you are placing your trust in our expertise and we take this seriously. Over time we have sourced the best materials, combined them with pure cotton wicks and tested extensively to create candles that will exceed your expectations.