Twistid Products

About Us

Twistid Products is the designer and online retailer of the MYCup, cups that know who you are. We are an incorporated company located in Alice Springs, Australia and with an Australian patent on the design of the cup.
The Cup's Story
“The idea came to life one night I called all the kids for dinner and asked them to bring the cups they were using to the table. They all walked past several cups on the kitchen counter and grabbed a new one from the cupboard. Right then I wished I had a better way to manage all the cups floating around our house. But I didn't set out to create a product; I set out to train my family on how to reuse the cups they already were using."
"I created the cup for my family, knowing that other families would benefit.  I wanted a cup that could be picked out from all others, like finding a green car in a mall parking lot.  I grew up with a grandmother that was a top regional Tupperware distributor my sisters and I grew up playing with all the latest Tupperware toys had mock Tupperware parties and Tupperware swap meets as adults. Not sure what happened to my tiny Tupperware bowl keychain that I carried on throughout my life but when I was faced with the challenge of creating something that was not available I believe my childhood experience gave me the gift to create an exceptional product.“
"Now I know which cup is mine!" said cups designer, Shelly Zimmerman.