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Minyaka Design

[minyaka] n
1.  aboriginal word meaning tomorrow
2.  eco-friendly children's wear

Established in 2010, Minyaka Design is a creator of eco-friendly children’s wear. Minyaka clothing is simple, elegant and playful. As our valued customer, we want to provide the best for your children and our pieces are sure to keep your little ones looking cute as a button!  What's more is that our products are also designed and developed to be kind to you, your little one and the environement. We incorporate into our ranges a selection of natural and eco-friendly fabrics including organic cottons, bamboo and hemp. Minyaka wishes to contribute to a better tomorrow…for ‘today’s children, tomorrow’s future’, hence our name ‘Minyaka'.

Aussie owned
We design every one of our products right here in Australia. A lot of thought, love and fun is put into our creations. We like to be involved in every aspect of Minyaka (we even make some of the products ourselves)! We really hope you'll enjoy them as much as we enjoyed designing them!

Every little bit helps
We fully support the concept of sustainability and understand that you also feel the same. We endeavor to do our bit in helping to create and maintain a better environment for generations to come. Examples include:

  • Using a range of eco-friendly fabrics which are sustainably grown or are naturally less impacting on the environment.
  • Choosing to use a combination of recycled paper, envirocare paper or reusing discarded paper for our printing needs (e.g. swing tags, business cards and promotion materials).
  • Recycling all paper, plastic and glass products.
  • Using minimal plastics in our packaging.

Just for fun
...here's a bit about the designers...

  • Jamie and Michelle are university buddies; both from a design discipline (Jamie – Interior Architecture, Michelle – Fashion Design). After noticing the difficulty, often experienced by family and friends, in finding beautiful, quality gifts for children, they decided to take on the challenge themselves.
  • They love designing and believe the best creations are often the simplest of all. Their simple and elegant yet fun and playful style is reflected throughout Minyaka Design.
  • Everything you see is created with plenty of TLC. Jamie and Michelle are passionate about what they do and are actively involved in all aspects of the business from designing to creating their own graphics and promotional materials to website design to screen printing their own bags...

 Thank you! ♥

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<p>PO Box 1552, Macquarie Centre, NSW 2113</p>
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Minyaka Design
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Pintuck Top Front
AUD $39.00
AUD $5.00
Take-a-Bite Top
AUD $45.00
AUD $8.00