Mini Me & You

Growing up we remember there were kids with packet birthday cakes and kids with baked goods ‘made from scratch’. It was never hard to miss the extra love in something made by hand. 


When it came to beautiful baby things, we were inspired by the raw talent and workmanship of women creating handmade goods, often at night after kids were fed and in bed.


Admittedly we’re gifted with neither brush nor thread but want to support this creative process, so mini me & you was born.

We provide local Melbourne mums with patterns and material from which to sew. It’s a flexible added income for those mums who’d otherwise not be working. Globally we source products handmade by mums in local communities under fair working conditions.


Mini me & you is about getting back to basics without losing the cute & cool stuff of today. Rethink modern cloth nappies, explore our hand ‘Made by Mums’ collection and vintage inspired accessories for babies and toddlers.




Tash & Fliss