Linnea - Swedish Design

Welcome to 'Linnea - Swedish Design' where you will find Swedish design, handmade in Australia.
‘Linnea – Swedish Design’ was founded in 2009, in Melbourne, by Swedish born designer/artist Linnea. Linnea works out of her Melbourne studio where she designs, hand screen prints and creates all her products. All the products from ‘Linnea - Swedish Design’ are completely hand made by Linnea, from idea to finished product. 
Linnea is very influenced by her Scandinavian background and that comes through in her designs. Linnea loves the simplicity of Scandinavian design and that’s how she wants her designs to be: simple and stylish! She usually sticks to a few bright colours to make sure that the design makes a real statement.
Linnea also gets a lot of inspiration from the beautiful city of Melbourne, where she has lived since 2005. Having a stroll through the wonderful city of Melbourne is inspirational in so many ways, with its architecture, beautiful little laneways and all the lovely people. Linnea has always been fascinated by typography and a lot of her designs contain typographic elements.
'Linnea – Swedish Design’ hopes to provide people with simple and stylish designs that can give a unique touch to your home. Linnea's love for beautiful fabric and screen printing is evident in the quality of her products.
‘Linnea – Swedish Design’ represents a love of colour, simple designs and handcrafted art.
All the products in this boutique are designed, hand screenprinted and made by Linnea in her Melbourne studio.