I Heart You

Hand stamped sterling silver earrings.
Estimated Delivery: 5-7 Days

Delivery AUD $5.00
AUD $35.00

These earrings are made from a 3/4 inch round sterling silver disc, which I have stamped a dotty border around the edge, and soldered a tiny heart onto the centre of each disc.

They have been strung on hand made earwires made by me, and then oxidised.

Due to the individuality of each piece, I do not offer refunds or exchanges.  The only exception is if there is an error on my part - such as a spelling mistake - then I am happy to replace the item ASAP.

All of the jewellery I make is made by hand by me - it is all one of a kind, which means no 2 pieces will be exactly the same.  Remember you are ordering a hand-stamped, hand cut piece of jewellery. No 2 pieces are going to be identical - it its not possible for the letters to be perfectly aligned, or spaced, or for their impression to be exactly the same each time.  This is not a design flaw, but adds the the individuality of the pieces, and gives them a unique quality.

I will do my absolute best work to provide you with a beautiful piece of jewellery.

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