Govino - Stemless Shatterproof Wine Glasses - BPA Free

Govino Australia offers the Govino "go anywhere" range of eco-friendly stemless glassware.
It's not glass... It's Govino !    Unlike single use plastic glasses or chunky acrylic stemware, Govino glasses are made from a food safe 100% BPA free polymer (aka PETG) that reflects the wine's colour and aromatics much like crystal. They are available in three styles: red wine, white wine/cocktail and the champagne flute and the NEW Decanter.
Designed into the glass is an ergonomic thumb notch on the side, giving the user a secure and comfortable grip for swirling and drinking wine. The notch also acts as a stem without a stem, preventing heat transfer into the beverage and potential finger smudging on the crystal-clear surface of the glass.
The Govino stemless glassware range are shatterproof, reusable and recyclable promoting an enjoyable lifestyle and are the ideal option to take outdoors when traditional glass is not suitable or prohibited.
Glasses come in a 4 pack tote for $19.99*  Decanter for $17.99