Family Pendant with Heart

Estimated Deliver: 1-2 weeks
Delivery charge: One $5.00 charge for unlimited items from Stamped Elements
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Delivery AUD $5.00
AUD $90.00

Stunning gold and silver "My Family" stacked pendant with circle base, heart stack and rose bead. Includes handstamped names or message of your choice on the silver base disc as shown.

Due to the individuality of each piece, I do not offer refunds or exchanges.  The only exception is if there is an error on my part - such as a spelling mistake - then I am happy to replace the item ASAP.

All of the jewellery I make is made by hand by me - it is all one of a kind, which means no 2 pieces will be exactly the same.  Remember you are ordering a hand-stamped, hand cut piece of jewellery. No 2 pieces are going to be identical - it its not possible for the letters to be perfectly aligned, or spaced, or for their impression to be exactly the same each time.  This is not a design flaw, but adds the the individuality of the pieces, and gives them a unique quality.

I will do my absolute best work to provide you with a beautiful piece of jewellery.

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