Hello and Welcome to CERIosities! 

Be admired... for your creative appreciation & stylish flair or for your imaginative and thoughtful gift giving that invigorates and delights others. 

I’m Ceri Muter and I'm intrigued, enthused and inspired by life’s curiosities and it’s creative possibilities. 

Oh! Ceri is pronounced as Kerry, Ceri synthesised with curiosities is CERIosities [ker-ee-os-i-teez], just in case you’re wondering. ☺ 

Isn’t curiosities an glorious word! For me, it evokes a sense of whimsical inquisitiveness, thrilling allurement, eccentric peculiarity and amused excitement. 

Be attentive to moments and together we’ll experience extraordinary moments of wowful wonderment.

Keep in touch, see you soon…